Luke Smitherd's Premature Release Review Group

By joining this list, you're saying that you paid for your pre-order copy of DO ANYTHING, and agree to leave a star rating on Amazon on the day of its release. For my part, I'm gonna send you a copy myself. You're going to leave me your name, email address, and Amazon reviewer name. I will then send you a copy of DO ANYTHING. Your review on Amazon will say if it's a 'Verified Purchase' or not, so I'll basically know if you've lied to me to get send a free copy. This would be stealing my work because on this occasion I am NOT offering this book for free, and as a result you'll be blacklisted from all future mails and pre-release offers. I don't think any of you would actually be enough of a scumbag to do that, but obviously I have to be clear ... ok, let's get you signed up and reading prematurely!!
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